ERCC 2015

Moving Us Forward: At the Intersection of Community Engagement and Collective Impact
Fifth Annual Eastern Region Campus Compact Conference
October 14-16, 2015, Newark, New Jersey


As a vital agent of social change, higher education is integral to creating vibrant, healthy communities in our towns, cities, regions, and our nation. To this end, the 2015 Eastern Region Campus Compact (ERCC) conference will advance our understanding of the intersection of collective impact and community engagement. This conference will highlight emerging theory and practice in place-based collective impact initiatives, moving beyond isolated efforts to conjoin the resources and assets of higher education with those of our communities. ERCC will provide a forum to showcase the strategic engagement of faculty, students and the wider higher education community through engaged scholarship, cross-sector partnerships, service-learning, student research, and volunteer opportunities.

Framing Questions
  • What innovative ideas are advancing higher education’s community engagement practices?
  • In what ways can the collective impact framework inform community engagement strategies and programs in higher education?
  • How are place-based consortia involving faculty and students in ways that produce shared benefit?
  • How are campuses assessing the effectiveness of such community-engaged scholarship, service-learning courses, partnerships, and community service activities?

Our location will frame our work as this unique conference unites leading voices in higher education leadership, city-wide collective impact consortia, engaged scholars, and community engagement practitioners – all under the “collaborative roof” of Essex County CollegeNew Jersey Institute of Technology, and Rutgers University-Newark.

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