ERCC 2017

Eastern Region Campus Compact (ERCC) Moving us Forward Conference Mission:

Campus Compact believes that higher education is instrumental to creating just, inclusive, sustainable democracy.  In support of that vision, the Eastern Region Campus Compact (ERCC) Conference is a convening of campus executives, scholars, practitioners, students, and community partners, committed to enhancing our democratic society through community and civic engagement.  ERCC provides a venue for thinking critically about the issues, trends, and challenges in our shared work and for building stronger networks among colleagues

Long Term ERCC Moving us Forward Conference Goals:

ERCC aims to build personal, institutional, and field-level capacity to foster change on- and off-campus; enhance community engaged teaching, scholarship, and service; and ultimately transform our students, institutions, and communities. Each ERCC Conference will highlight innovative theories and practices that are advancing the field of higher education community engagement showcasing:

  • Replicable practices that better prepare college students for success in their professional and civic lives;
  • Pragmatic strategies to develop meaningful, reciprocal community partnerships that transform communities and the academy;
  • Approaches to  place-based, issue-driven faculty/student engaged scholarship, learning, and service, and
  • Methods for assessing and understanding the impact of our community engagement work.

ERCC2017@NYU Conference Theme: Equity through Community Engagement:

Each year the ERCC identifies a theme for deeper examination.  ERCC2017@NYU conference is asking participants to renew our commitment to equity as a core emphasis of our practice while exploring the extent to which community engagement activities contribute to equity in our local and global communities.   We aim to explore the challenges and opportunities that arise when we commit to equity in our institutional principles, practices and outcome objectives; and to learn from our efforts to do so thus far.